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TLScontact has developed TLSconnect©, a real-time software management suite that supports and records every operational process step. TLSconnect© is regularly enhanced to meet the changing needs of our clients and is certified to ISO/ IEC 27001: 2005 as part of the scope of our global Information Security Management System. TLScontact is an early adaptor of innovative technologies, and we have proven success of smoothly integrating new features into TLSconnect© and our center process flows, such as MRZ readers, digital signature pads and data capture technologies.

TLSconnect© consists of modules for each service and process step which, combined, result in an integrated end-to-end software management suite. This modular structure makes TLSconnect© easily customizable to meet the needs of different clients across a range of industries.

TLSconnect© supports our employees in their daily work and enables management to oversee the process flow and deal quickly with any operational bottlenecks. Analytical tools and automated reports assist management in assessing the efficiency of operations across different performance metrics, providing hard and accurate data on which to base tactical decisions.

Our clients receive real-time access to their TLSconnect© system via a remote web browser interface, providing them with an unrivaled level of transparency and control over the face-to-face contact center.