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Next Generation Visa Center Concept

The visa outsourcing industry is subject to major changes, resulting from rising application volumes, increased pressure on public spending and the introduction of biometric data collection.

At the same time the applicant is being seen more as customer, demanding a higher level of service. An efficient visa application process is a solution to meet these increasing service expectations, help governments streamline their budgets and boost tourism and business.

As a pioneering company in the face-to-face customer service industry TLScontact has developed a comprehensive solution to meet all these challenges, the Next Generation Visa Application Center Concept:

  • Security: built into center operations and certified by the British Standards Institute to ISO/ IEC 27001: 2005 for Information Security Management, we employ extensive data protection processes and procedures that meet and in many cases exceed the requirements of data protection legislation such as the EU Directive 95/45/EC.

  • 100% IT driven: a fully automated process flow and applications tracked in real time and at distance at every stage by our in-house software management suite, TLSconnect©. Using proven processes and industry-leading, secure technology, TLSconnect© supports frontline personnel, allowing them to deliver efficient, high-quality service to customers and, by reflection, to clients.

  • Sustainable: located in environmental-friendly facilities, using innovative technologies and materials that allow for energy conservation, energy usage savings and environmental protection. Centers are build according to LEED and Energy Star standards.

  • Customer service: the core of the visa application experience, using global best practices employed by more than 138,000 people throughout our group everyday.