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Information Services

TLScontact can offer full information service provision to customers and currently uses eight communication channels: face-to-face, online, voice, IVR, mobile application, SMS, e-mail and social media.

In our face-to-face contact centers we provide direct and personal support and information as part of a range of face-to-face services offered.

We can offer a user-friendly website tailored to the requirements of each client, on which customers can find all necessary information to complete the service process efficiently. We are currently providing online information in more than ten different languages and five different scripts, including Latin, Thai, Simplified Chinese and Arabic.

As part of Teleperformance, the market leader for call center solutions, TLScontact has access to the latest technologies, processes and best practices and can offer voice services based on four basic setups: onshore in-center; onshore off-site; nearshore and offshore. Voice services may be provided as part of a full face-to-face operation or as a standalone service for clients looking to outsource appointment booking and telephone information services only.

An Interactive Voice Responder (IVR) is available 24/7 to enable customers to receive information and track the progress of their file by telephone even outside office hours. Our IVR solution is multilingual and available in the contractual languages of each location.

TLSmobile is TLScontact’s mobile application for smartphones and tablet devices and enables customers to find out a range of information on the service provided on-the-move and even offline. Customers can download the multi-lingual application free of charge, and receive push notifications on the latest process and center updates.

Customers are provided with the opportunity to receive process status updates via SMS as their files passes through different parts of the system. This service is particularly useful in notifying customers when their documents have been returned to the face-to-face center for restitution.

Customer can reach us through an e-mail system built into the customer interface of the software management suite TLSconnect© to request information and support before the visit in the face-to-face center and also during the processing of their file.

TLScontact can also establish and manage social media profiles to communicate directly with customers and other interested parties.