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Face-to-Face Service

TLScontact provides customer relationship management services whenever a face-to-face interaction between client and customer is required.

The range of services that can be outsourced with TLScontact as a turnkey solution, include concierge service, customer service, document management, fee management, biometric data collection, back office processing, awareness campaigns and document restitution.

We offer face-to-face services to central and local governments, private organizations and utilities. Our face-to-face concept has been successfully applied in the visa application center, healthcare and construction industries, and is fully adaptable to a wide number of verticals.

The face-to-face interaction with the customer is the core component of our service offering and an area of customer relationship management in which TLScontact excels. We build the application experience around the services our clients require, with the entire process flow underpinned by our TLSconnect© software management system, allowing us to provide a unique degree of efficiency, transparency and control.

Our face-to-face contact centers are built to a high standard of design, to make the interaction between the customers and our employees a comfortable personal service experience for the applicants.