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Biometric Data Collection

The collection of biometric data is becoming an increasingly requested service as it becomes a relevant tool for different industries.

With TLSbio we have successfully incorporated biometric data collection into our face-to-face service process flow and are currently the most experienced service provider capturing biometric data for Schengen visa applications, performing around 300,000 enrollments each year. TLSbio is a modular solution and has been developed to complement existing technologies or to provide a full front-end biometric data collection solution.

With a full TLSbio solution we offer the ability to scan biographic data from an ID document using the MRZ or using OCR technology, take a live ICAO-compliant photograph and enroll 10 fingerprints in a 4-4-2 sequence. All steps of the enrolment process are quality controlled in real-time to ensure they strictly meet each client’s requirements. Additional services in TLSbio include ID document authentication, digital signature capture and receipt printing.

Enrolment stations maybe operated by a vetted associate who guides the customer through the process flow, or may be self-service using graphical displays and touch-screen technology to enable the customer to conduct the enrolment process personally. Mobile enrolment solutions are also available to increase the reach of the service provision and as a value-added service for personalized enrolment call-outs.

Where a client has an existing biometric data collection solution, TLScontact can provide a TLSconnect© module that enables us to capture a full audit trail of the enrolment process within our own databases and provide biometric enrolment statistics along with other details of the service provision to present strong management information. Clients are also able to provide or specify a partial enrolment solution and ask TLScontact to complete the system using services from the TLSbio product suite.

Our entire TLSbio solution follows strict security protocols and the service is within scope of our global ISO/ IEC 27001: 2005 information security management system, independently audited by BSI and the security agencies of several national governments.