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Appointment Booking

The TLScontact appointment booking service ranges from customers taking an appointment to visit a TLScontact face-to-face contact center to a booking system for appointments at our client’s location.

An appointment system is an essential tool to ensure a high level of customer service. It also enables forecasting and controlling resource requirements at the face-to-face contact center and the client facilities. Customers benefit from an appointment system as there is no extensive queuing or risk of missing out on a daily quota, they simply turn up safe in the knowledge that they will be seen as scheduled.

We offer a sophisticated appointment booking that provides a fine level of control for handling individuals, groups and special situations. We offer several channels to book an appointment, driven by out TLSconnect© software management system where appointment slots can be adjusted on a half-hour basis and daily maximums set in coordination with each client. The system is fully flexible to cater for days or time periods when deviations from the normal number of appointment slots is necessary, such as prior to local holidays or to cater for when staff are working intensive hours.

To prevent appointment trafficking, we have several protocols in place that eliminate the possibility for individuals to repeatedly cancel and re-arrange appointments, change names or ID card numbers and block book appointment slots. These procedures ensure the smooth operation of the appointment system without any impact on legitimate service users.