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Procedural Security

TLScontact’s face-to-face process is designed with security built in. Annual risk analysis delivers a risk management plan resulting in best practices to maximize security that are strictly implemented in the day to day process of each center.

Operational standards like the “clean desk clean screen” policy and a HR code of conduct give TLScontact employees clear guidelines. Since security is everybody’s responsibility, Security Awareness and Incident Response Plan training are fully integrated in new hires on-boarding processes. On-going internal communication reinforces security as a behavioral norm. Role based authorization controls ensure that associates can only access information that is relevant to their tasks.

The TLScontact security team has designed a formalized incident response and business continuity plans in the event of intrusion and emergency situation, with every incident or risk treated in a systematic and standardized manner. All subsidiaries’ management teams are fully aware of the specific emergency evacuation procedure.