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Physical Security

Physical security of premises and operations are essential to ensure the integrity of face-to-face services.

TLScontact has set a strict access control policy. Following security risk evaluations, preventions processes and tools are deployed and range from metal detection gates to professional security guards depending on the risks detected for a specific face-to-face contact center.

Back office areas are only accessible by authorized associates through biometric access control doors. Further restrictions apply in sensitive areas depending on the employee’s role and segregation of duties requirements.

All face-to-face contact centers are equipped with dense surveillance camera networks covering all areas of the office. The aim of this system is two-fold: firstly, to provide surveillance of the center outside of opening hours; and secondly, to ensure smooth operations throughout the day by providing management with our proprietary tool for monitoring activities.

Motion detectors linked to an alarm system secure the premises during non-opening hours. Smoke detectors, fire suppression systems, fire doors, emergency exit routes and evacuation plans are installed in all centers and regularly tested.