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H1N1 Vaccination Campaigns

Government of France in Algiers, Beijing and Hong Kong

On June 11th, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Level 6 alert for the H1N1 “pandemic in progress”, otherwise known as the “swine flu virus”, with many nations implementing programs to protect their citizens and expatriates around the world. During this period of high risk several Schengen nations began offering their expatriates free vaccinations through their diplomatic networks, but in many countries the demand for vaccinations was overwhelming. For the Government of France, three pressure points were Algiers, Beijing and Hong Kong, where they called upon TLScontact to provide support for this urgent program.

Our involvement was two-fold: firstly, within a matter of days we established websites and dedicated phone lines for expatriates to find out more about the vaccination program in their area and also to take an appointment to receive their shot. The second part involved assisting the diplomatic staff and medical professionals on the days of the vaccination, providing French-speaking managers to give administrative support and ensure the campaigns ran smoothly.

The three campaigns were ramped up, delivered and successfully closed within a two-week period, and played a key role in delivering the promises made by the Government of France to offer this vital assistance to their citizens abroad.