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Joint Visa Application Center

A Truly Integrated Visa Application Center Experience

The drivers for visa application outsourcing are usually common among diplomatic missions, chief among them wanting to improve the efficiency of the application and decision-making processes. Outsourcing enables mission personnel to focus on the latter – their core task, making the visa decision – and leaves all administrative and non-judgmental activities to external service provider, streamlining the entire process. While it is straightforward to see how outsourcing can benefit a mission with large visa demand, the positive effects are equally pronounced at missions handling lower application volumes as they usually have less staff dedicated to this sovereign task.

To meet the challenges faced by missions of all sizes, TLScontact has developed a truly integrated Joint Visa Application Center concept that enables partner governments to share visa center resources while retaining their own national identity. Our Schengen visa application center in Cairo, Egypt, is a perfect example of how we can welcome applicants for several different countries within the same space, deploying the same resources to provide a flexible and high-quality service to all.

Our Cairo Joint Visa Application Center welcomes visa applicants for France, Denmark and Sweden with common resources provided in all areas of operation. The Schengen nations are unique in that this type of co-location is proactively promoted in the Schengen Visa Code, enabling all member states to work together within a clearly established legal framework. Our approach to co-location stands out for its emphasis in two key areas: leveraging our sophisticated software management suite TLSconnect© to logically and virtually segregate applicant data for each destination country while providing a single interface for the efficient management of the application process flow; and high investment in the training and development of our teams to multi-skill associates so they are able to handle applications for a number of different destination countries.

This clear separation of personal data and a highly flexible workforce means that almost all areas of the Joint Visa Application Center can be made common. It also means that new partner countries can be welcomed quickly and easily, with existing staff trained alongside new recruits to provide a strong and experienced team from Day One.

The TLScontact Joint Visa Application Center concept has been successfully applied in more than two-thirds of our locations for Schengen clients of different sizes. The approach is readily expandable to other countries where close cooperation on visa application outsourcing is actively encouraged, even including the use of common biometric data capture equipment to send biometric identifiers to different backend processing solutions. By using the latest technology and a values-driven corporate culture that sits at the heart of our people development strategy, TLScontact is becoming the partner of choice for Joint Visa Application Centers the world over.